Significant Shareholders

As at 30 April 2024, shareholders holding more than 3% of the share capital of Tissue Regenix Group Plc are:

Name of Shareholder Number of Shares % of Voting Rights
Harwood Capital (London) 10,615,000 15.04
Inthallo Limited 10,065,000 14.26
Mr Richard Griffiths (UK) 6,852,500 9.71
IP Group (London) 6,530,428 9.25
Lombard Odier 8,097,699 11.47

Board of Directors

Name of Shareholder Number of Shares % of Voting Rights
Jonathan Glenn, Chair 406,000 0.58
Brian Phillips, Non-Executive Director  160,000 0.23
Daniel Lee, Chief Executive Officer  86908 0.12
David Cocke, Chief Financial Officer 71,206 0.10

Trevor Phillips, Non-Executive Director
55,358 0.08
Shervanthi Homer-Vanniainkam, Non-Executive Director  16,382 0.02

Shares not in public hands as at 30 April 2024 - 30,728,832 - 43.54%

Shares in issue as at 30 April 2024 - 70,574,468 ordinary shares of 0.1p each

The securities of Tissue Regenix Group plc are traded on the AIM market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc. Its shares have not been admitted, nor have any applications been made, for any of its shares to be admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platform.

Key Advisors

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