Matrix OI® FlexIT

Matrix OI® FlexIT

Matrix OI® FlexIT, is supplied dried but when rehydrated, is a thin pliable Osteoinductive verified cortical sheet that has the ability to be sized with scissors or a scalpel.

It is a sterile graft and is available in various sizes and dimensions. It may be used for;

446001 Matrix OI® FlexIt 10 x 10mm (L)≥10mm, (W)≥10mm, (T)≤1mm
446002 Matrix OI® FlexIt 15 x 10mm (L)≥15mm, (W)≥10mm, (T)≤1mm
446003 Matrix OI® FlexIt 15 x 15mm (L)≥15mm, (W)≥15mm, (T)≤1mm
446004 Matrix OI® FlexIt 20 x 20mm (L)≥20mm, (W)≥20mm, (T)≤1.5mm
446005 Matrix OI® FlexIt 30 x 30mm (L)≥30mm, (W)≥30mm, (T)≤1.5mm
446006 Matrix OI® FlexIt 50 x 25mm (L)≥50mm, (W)≥25mm, (T)≤1.5mm
446007 Matrix OI® FlexIt 17 x 10mm (L)≥17mm, (W)≥10mm, (T)≤1mm
  • The repair of orbital floor and zygomatic fracture procedures
  • Orthopaedic
  • Trauma
  • Cranio-maxillofacial
  • Neurosurgical
  • Dental

procedures where the repair or replacement of bone loss is indicated.

It’s structure allows the surgeon to fix the product in place using sutures, plates, anchors, and other fixation devices according to preference.