Extracellular matrix solution for cases that require a biologic solution


Extracellular matrix solution for cases that require a biologic solution

SurgiPure™ XD and DermaPure® with dCELL® Technology is being used to address tissue regeneration.

Decellularized tissue with nearly no structural disruption allowing tissue & cellular regeneration to occur.

A Fresh Take to Preserve Tissue Structure and Signal Bio-Normal Healing 

Whether you’re looking to add more tissue, or aiming to heal a complex surgical case, it would be ideal if you could regenerate tissue to grow back what’s been lost.

In the surgical setting, you need access to skin substitutes that not only help you cover a wound or fill a tissue deficit, but also stimulate healing and reduce scarring—efficiently and effectively.

The ultimate goal of tissue healing is creating blood vessel growth to enhance circulation to the wound, Angiogenesis, becomes one of the biggest challenges health care specialists face.

Current solutions may require repeat applications for complete closure and not all are developed the same, with varying use of high concentration reagents and fixatives. Residual DNA in both may elicit an immunogenic response and prevent cell migration and proliferation.

SurgiPure XD and DermaPure are produced using patented dCELL Technology. Unlike alternative processes, dCELL Technology produces decellularized biological tissue with nearly no structural disruption, replacing the damaged extracellular matrix so living cells can flourish and integrate. 

 SurgiPure XD and DermaPure are a bold move forward that stimulate the body to progress naturally… signaling a new direction in healing.

DermaPure Decellularised Dermal Allograft 

Human Allograft 

Provides a scaffold for the body's repair or replacement of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue, or for other homologous uses of human integument.  

SurgiPure XD Reconstructive Tissue Matrix 

Porcine Xenograft, Medical Device 

Provides a soft tissue patch to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists and for the repair of damaged or ruptured soft tissue membranes. Used to repair hernias and for body wall defects.