DermaPure® produced with dCELL® Technology is being used to address tissue regeneration.

Decellularized dermal tissue with virtually no structural disruption allowing tissue & cellular regeneration to occur.

A Fresh Take to Preserve Tissue Structure and Signal Bio-Normal Healing

In the surgical setting, you need access to tissue based products that not only help you replace missing tissue or provide structural support, but also stimulate healing and reduce scarring—efficiently and effectively.  The ultimate goal of soft tissue healing is to provide an environment that promotes enhanced angiogenesis, rapid cellular migration and proliferation, and reduced fibrosis.  This is one of the biggest challenges health care specialists face.

Current options may not provide an environment that allows native cells to migrate and proliferate, thus requiring repeat applications for complete closure. Excess residual DNA may elicit an immunogenic inflammatory response and prevent cell migration and proliferation.

TRX BioSurgery offer two tissue products produced using patented dCELL® Technology, DermaPure®, a decellularized dermal allograft, and SurgiPure® XD, a decellularized porcine xenograft. Unlike alternative processes, dCELL® Technology produces decellularized biological tissue with virtually no structural disruption, thus providing an optimal replacement for the damaged extracellular matrix, allowing the patient's living, native cells to populate and integrate ultimately achieving the goals of soft tissue healing and regeneration.

DermaPure® (human dermal allograft) and SurgiPure® XD (porcine dermal xenograft) both stimulate the body to progress naturally… signaling a new direction in healing.

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