dCELL® Technology - Gentle soft tissue decellularization process, removing DNA and cellular material to reduce risk of rejection.

Differentiated characteristics

  • Maintaining the natural acellular scaffold of the tissue structure to allow for cellular proliferation
  • Supports regeneration of native tissue
  • Can be applied to both human or animal tissue sources, no supply issue
  • Favourable health economic benefits due to reduced operation time, reduction in rehab activities, no anti coagulant drugs, stored at room temperature

dCELL® Technology

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BioRinse Technology - Natural bone filler solutions are verified as being osteoinductive to stimulate and regenerate native bone growth.

Differentiated characteristics

  • Maintaining the five key natural bone growth factors and Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) promotes active regeneration
  • Contains 100% allograft bone
  • Verified to be osteoinductive
  • Ability to deliver malleable bone collagen scaffolds in various physical forms to meet clinical needs

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