Tissue Regenix’s vision to become a leader in regenerative medicine is underpinned by its core values to maintain a sustainable, ethical and responsible Company.

Fundamental to this are our people and our approach to social, environmental and political issues which could affect our ability to deliver our novel products and improve patient care and clinical outcomes.


The Group recognises that it holds a corporate responsibility to its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders. To this end, the Group ensures to set and maintain the highest employment, ethical and management standards.

The Group follows the QCA Corporate Governance Code and relies on its experienced management team and Board of Directors to ensure that all regulatory requirements across all business functions are met.

Ethics and compliance

Operating in an industry based upon the processing of donated human or animal tissues demands the highest ethical standards throughout every facet of the Group. The Group aspires to implement and maintain these standards across all business functions and relations. The Group undertakes regular audits of partners, suppliers and employees to ensure that they comply with the ethical standards and operate to meet our expectations. Furthermore, the nature of the industry means that, as a business we are held to the highest standards by regulatory bodies, and likewise receive audits and inspections from external organisations such as the US Food and Drug Administration, Human Tissue Authority and American Association of Tissue Banks. The Group has a positive track record of passing all regulatory inspections and where recommendations are made to improve the control environment, the Group looks to implement where applicable, as soon as practically possible.

Modern slavery compliance

The Group is committed to respecting human rights across all its operations and aims to work at the highest international standards in addition to local requirements. The Group fully supports the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and seeks to ensure the Group’s activities and those in its supply chains do not infringe on, or encourage, human rights abuses.

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters

Group policies are in place for topics such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption. These policies are regularly reviewed by the Executive management team and HR departments, copies of policies are provided to all employees during their induction and changes or updates are communicated to staff accordingly.


At the core of our business is our talented employee base, which drives the success of the Group. Through our values and behaviours, we look to develop a working environment in which employees are supported, continue to develop and can perform to the best of their abilities. We encourage teamwork and openness in the workplace, through Company-wide policies and procedures, and by addressing the individual needs of employees to provide a functional working environment that enables a healthy work/life balance.

Equal Opportunities

The Group is committed to ensuring that equal opportunities are provided to all employees and potential employees, and do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or marital status. All employees are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner adhering to our non-discrimination policy.

In all aspects of our business the Group looks to act in ways that are compliant with the necessary laws and regulations, providing our employees with a work environment that is professional, ethical and fair.

Environmental sustainablilty

As with all businesses the emphasis on environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance and is subject to increasing scrutiny and regulation. It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the initiatives implemented to decrease our carbon footprint, energy consumption and environmental sustainability efforts.

During 2020, the Group continued to implement environmental sustainability initiatives:

  • Continued to upgrade to LED lighting alternatives in our offices, clean rooms and sterile packaging areas
  • Switched to plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes in our WIP storage area which will reduce our cardboard waste
  • Replacement of our air compressor and drying unit with a smaller, more efficient unit which is expected to reduce this energy consumption by c.70%
  • In our facility expansion, the design included energy saving LED lighting with self-dimming or motion sensors throughout the facility, higher efficiency heating and cooling units, and greater use of solid flooring versus carpeting. Regarding equipment, we will be implementing high efficiency ultra-low temperature freezers which use natural refrigerants

Corporate social responsibility ("CSR")

Operating in a highly regulated environment, with particular sensitivities and responsibilities around human donor processing, the Group ensures to operate with a high level of CSR across the business every day. Through the gift of tissue donation we have the ability to positively impact hundreds of patients’ lives, therefore, we must treat each gift with the utmost respect and provide the next of kin with information around how many patients the donation has helped, if requested; something that can often help in the grieving process.

Health and safety

We see the development and maintenance of a robust health and safety framework as a necessity in order to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and external stakeholders. The Board reviews a health and safety report as part of the monthly Board pack, which contains information on any near miss events, accidents, incidents and preventative measures implemented. During 2020, no serious adverse events were experienced.

Improved patient care and health economic outcomes

Tissue Regenix technology platforms dCELL® and BioRinse®, process products that can enable improvements in patient care, enhancing or restoring their quality of life, which can often be transformative.

On top of this, it allows for economic advantages in the cost of care by reducing the hospital stay or additional treatments, better clinical outcomes and minimised rehabilitation - in some orthopaedic cases - a reduction in reoccurring operations, and in many circumstances, a reduction in associated pain.

Engagement and communication

The Group endeavours to undertake engagement and communications with all stakeholder groups whether they are employees, investors, partners, suppliers, customers, donor families or key opinion leaders, and considers how the day-to-day activities of the Group, and the principal decisions taken throughout the year, could affect each stakeholder group.

The Group has an established vision, mission, values and behaviours that form an integral part of the Tissue Regenix Group ethos and culture.

During 2020, the Group also looked to improve its communication and engagement with retail investors by allowing participation in the equity fundraise through a PrimaryBid offering and undertaking Company presentations through the investor meet platform.

Our values and behaviours

Our values and behaviours align with our vision and mission, driving a culture that will enable the Group to achieve our strategic objectives and KPIs.

Dedication to patients

Dedication to patients

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to delivering life-changing solutions

Passion for innovation

Passion for innovation

We harness creativity across all areas of our business to generate novel and effective solutions

Driving for excellence

Driving for excellence

We continually seek excellence by delivering against our objectives and holding each other to account to perform to the best of our ability

Uncompromising integrity

Uncompromising integrity

We take pride in what we do and are committed to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and fairness to earn the respect of all our stakeholders

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