A Decellularized Dermal Allograft

Used to Manage a Patient's Soft Tissue Defects.

Intended to be used to provide reinforcement, repair, or replacement of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue or for other homologous uses of human integument.


Repair and Replace

Reconstruct and Structural Support

DermaPure® is designed for the surgeon

Multiple Surgeon Specialists -

General, Vascular, Plastic, Otolaryn, Oro-Max Facial, Trauma

Examples of Use Include Replacement of Tissue, Repair or Reconstruction:

  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Cancerous Lesion Resection
  • Head / Neck Reconstruction
  • Surgical Dehiscence
  • Pilonidal Cysts
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  • Necrotizing Fasciitis
  • Diabetic Limb Salvage
  • Chronic Wounds

Orthopaedic -

Sports Med and Ankle / Foot Surgeon Specialists

Examples of Use Include Supplemental Support for Tendon / Ligament Repairs:

  • Achilles
  • Peroneal
  • Posterior Tibialis
  • Retinaculum
  • Rotator Cuff

Pelvic Floor Surgeon Specialists –

Uro-Gyn, Gyn, Urology, Colo-Rectal

Examples of Use Include Supplemental Support for:

  • Pelvic Floor Recon
  • Cystocele Repair
  • Rectocele Repair

For more information, please contact our exclusive pelvic floor distributor, ARMS Medical

Phone: 781-499-2767

Email: info@armsmedical.com


SKU Size
010200HD 1 cm x 2 cm
020200HD 2 cm x 2 cm
020300HD 2 cm x 3 cm
030400HD 3 cm x 4 cm
040600HD 4 cm x 6 cm
071000HD 7 cm x 10 cm

DermaPure® is available for worldwide distribution dependent on the necessary importation licences (except in the UK).

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