Matrix OI® FlexIt

Matrix OI® FlexIt, when hydrated, is a thin pliable demineralized cortical allograft bone sheet that can be shaped using scissors or a scalpel. It withstands sutures and can be tacked into place. Due to both its pliable nature and inherent body, it can easily be inserted into a periosteal pouch without full refection and maintain bone contour. Matrix OI® FlexIt is verified to be osteoinductive post-sterilization using in-vivo testing to demonstrate, histologically, the five elements of bone formation: chondrocytes, osteocytes, bone marrow, cartilage, and new bone formation.

Product Applications

  • Graft cover in sinus elevation procedures
  • Treatment of dehiscence defects in extraction sockets
  • General graft site cover
  • Periodontal defects when surrounding wall(s) are missing

Matrix OI® FlexIt is a demineralized cortical sheet that is rigid when dry, becomes pliable when hydrated for placement, but maintains its relative shape during healing. This useful feature makes FlexIt very useful when placing into a periosteal pouch when no flap has been reflected.


  • 100% bone
  • Osteoinductive-each lot is in-vivo verified inductive prior to release
  • Osteoconductive
  • Sterility assurance level of 10-6
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Ambient storage and shipping temperatures

Ordering Information:

Item Code Item Description
446001 Matrix OI® FlexIt 10x10mm
446007 Matrix OI® FlexIt 17x10mm
446003 Matrix OI® FlexIt 15x15mm

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