Our key resources



Our people are key to our continued growth due to their experience, qualifications and commitment.


Provides protection for the technologies at the heart of our business, a fundamental resource for our growth.

Working capital

Supports the product development pipeline and enables us to make investments that support our future growth.

Manufacturing capabilities

Fundamental in ensuring the production and development of our products on a global scale.

Strategic partnerships

Allowing faster market penetration, physician conversion and delivering revenue growth.

Licensing and distribution agreements

Ensuring we can serve the market potential.


Our offering


BioRinse™ Technology

Natural bone filler solutions guaranteed to be osteoinductive to stimulate and regenerate native bone growth.

This process could provide better patient outcomes as it contains 100% allograft bone, maintaining the five key natural bone growth factors and is able to deliver these properties through malleable bone collagen in various physical forms.

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dCELL® Technology

Gentle soft tissue decellularization process, removing DNA and cellular material to reduce risk of rejection.

The dCELL® process involves the creation of biological scaffolds which are essentially inert. By removing DNA and cellular material from biological tissues, the patient’s cells can repopulate and colonise, creating new, like-for-like tissue, which is recognised and accepted by the body, significantly reducing the risk of rejection, and stimulating a natural healing process.

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Our key activities



Currently a portfolio of 12 product lines on the market which we intend to expand into further territories and have a plan for new product line developments.



Ensure that we have an innovative product pipeline, maintain product differentiation, optimise our margins and have a competitive market offering.


Distribution and licensing

Building a network of key distributors and evaluating licensing opportunities for new geographic territories.


Our competitive advantage


We create value for our stakeholders


Providing a return to a better quality of life, differentiated clinical outcomes and optimised care costs.

Physicians and Healthcare Providers

Products with ease of use which will benefit their patients and provide economic benefits to the healthcare system.


We provide training and development opportunities, promote a positive professional culture, and support a healthy lifestyle balance.


Strong strategic partnerships with growing business and continued growth opportunities in the long term.


Investment in a Group with growth opportunities which is focused on creating sustainable value for both shareholders and addressing wider socio-economic issues.

In order to continue to create value for our stakeholders, we invest in the Group’s key resources. For example, we develop our people and our IP, as well as furthering our manufacturing capabilities.

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